Applying for the COVID-19 Job Retention Scheme Grant - STEP 3

Once you have completed our STEP 1 and STEP 2 guides then you will be able to make your furlough grant application.

To make this claim you will need a copy of your employees payslip for the pay period that you are making the claim for.

It is important that you remember that you cannot change this claim once you make it and so you must ensure that you are happy with the claim before you submit it.

Once you are ready to make the claim follow the steps below.

We have provided the guide below to help you through the process, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you agree to everything that you are submitting to HMRC. If you do not agree then do not submit it. You must remember that this form is being completed based on you being a parent employing a domestic worker, this is nothing to do with your employment, your self employment, your business etc. This is intended as a guide only and NannyPaye accept no responsibility for your claim.

1. Go to

2. Fill in your government gateway user ID and password and click 'Sign In'.

3. If you have set up two factor authentication then you will need to enter the access code that it sends to you and click 'Continue'.

4. You must now read the terms of the claim and if you are in agreement that you are eligible for this then click 'Accept and continue'. Further guidance on eligibility can be found here.

5. On this screen you will need to select 'Yes' and click continue.

6. On the next screen you should answer 'Yes' and click 'Continue'.

7. On this screen you should click 'No' and 'Continue'.

8. On this screen you should click 'No' and 'Continue'.

9. On this screen you should click 'No' and 'Continue'.

10. You now need to type your name in this box (e.g. Mr Robert Smith).

11. Click 'Continue' on this screen after reading it.

12. On this screen you should enter the dates for the claim period. The form is not clear whether this is the full pay period or just the period of furlough, we have assumed that either would suffice. The most important thing is that the dates do not overlap with any other period that you are/will be claiming for (for example, you can do 01/03/2020-31/03/2020, but then your next claim must start from 01/04/2020 or later).

13. Check that you are happy with the dates for your claim, these cannot overlap any other claim that you have made or will make, and click 'Continue'.

14. Enter the number of employees that you have furloughed in this claim period. For the majority of our clients this will be one, then click 'Continue'.

15. Check that you are happy with what you have entered and click 'Confirm'.

16. Now is the fun bit! HMRC have made a calculator to work this out for you, you can find this here. We of course must advise you to use the HMRC calculator to calculate this. However, if you want to check that the HMRC calculation is correct, we have made our own calculator (which is far simpler to use - maybe they should have just employed us to do it for them!) it can be found here. Once you have these figures, enter them into the relevant boxes and click 'Continue'.

17. Check that you are happy with these figures and click 'Continue'.

18. You now need to enter the employee's details, you can find these on the payslip. Please leave the payroll number box blank and click 'Continue'.

19. Check that you are happy with the details that you have entered and click 'Continue'.

20. Check that you are happy with the details that you have entered and click 'Continue'.

21. Select the 'Personal bank account' button and click 'Continue' on this page.

22. Please enter your bank details that you want the payment to be paid into on this page and click 'Continue'.

23. Complete your postcode and property name/number and click 'Find Address'. This needs to be the address associated with your bank account.

24. Select the correct address from the list and click 'Continue' or enter your address manually if required.

25. Check that you are happy with the details that you have entered and click 'Confirm address'.

26. Enter your name and telephone number, so that HMRC can contact you with any queries that they have, and click 'Continue'.

27. You now need to review your entries on this page and if anything is not correct, click change to update it. Once you are happy with this information click 'Confirm and submit'. Once you click this, there is no going back and changing anything so make sure that you are completely happy with it before you submit it.

28. This is your confirmation of submitting your claim. You will have a claim reference which it is worth noting down somewhere and confirmation of the value of the claim. You should expect to receive the reimbursement into your account within 6 working days. If you do not receive the reimbursement in this time and they have not contacted you then you should contact HMRC directly to query this.