Applying for COVID-19 SSP Refund

In order to apply for the COVID-19 related SSP refund then you will need to first complete the 'Applying for COVID-19 Grant - Step 1' and 'Applying for COVID-19 Grant - Step 2' which you can find in the 'COVID-19' section of our website which can be found under 'Help and Advice'.

1. Go to 

2. Scroll down the page until you find the header called 'How to Claim' and click on the 'Claim now' button.

3. Sign in using your Goverment Gateway user ID and Password that you set up in Step 1. Then click 'Sign in'.

4. You may need to enter an access code at this point which is sent to your mobile phone via SMS message. Then click 'Continue'.

5. Check that you are happy that this is the correct information and click 'Confirm'.

6. Read through the information and ensure that you are happy with this, then click 'Accept and continue'.

7. Click 'Yes' and then 'Continue'.

8. Click 'Yes' and 'Continue'. You can only claim this in arrears.

9. In most cases this will be 1, but if you have more than one employee you can claim for multiple employee's at once. Click 'Continue'.

10. Enter the first and last dates of the SSP period that you are claiming for. Then click 'Continue'. This claim cannot start before 13/03/2020.

11. Enter the amount of SSP that you are claiming for. Remember, you can only claim back two weeks of SSP for an employee, even if you have paid more SSP than this or topped their pay up above this amount.

The weekly rate for SSP is £94.25 for sickness absence up to and including 05/04/2020, for the period 06/04/2020 - 05/04/2021 the rate is £95.85 and from April 2021 £96.35.

This amount is then divided by the number of normal working days for your employee and then multiplied by the number of days sick.

For example, and employee working 5 days per week normally who was sick for a total of 8 working days after 06/04/2020 would have been paid £95.85 divided by 5 normal working days per week x 8 days sick absence = £153.36.

For two full weeks after 06/04/2020 this amount will be £191.70, for two full weeks before 05/04/2020 the amount will be £188.50.

HMRC have a calculator here to calculate this for you and to check your eligibility for this claim.

Once you have entered you claim value click 'Contuinue'.

12. Select 'Personal Account' and click 'Continue'.

13. Enter the details for your bank account and click 'Continue'.

14. Enter the address linked to your bank account here.

15. You may need to select your address from a list and click 'Continue'.

16. Double check that you are happy with your address entry and click 'Confirm address'.

17. Enter your contact details and click 'Continue'.

18. Check that you are happy with all of your answers and click on 'Confirm and submit'.

19. Take a note of your submission reference.