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  • 10.12

    Christmas Opening Hours

    With Winter weather approaching have you thought about……

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  • 03.05

    Popular Nanny Interview Questions

    Our list of popular nanny interview questions is useful for nannies to help prepare for their job interview.

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  • 14.03

    My nanny is pregnant, what do I do?

    Tax | HMRC

    Do not panic! We have produced a guide for employers which includes an example letter to send to your nanny when she informs you that she is pregnant and will be taking maternity leave. Our maternity co-ordinator will provide this guide to you when you notify us that your nanny is pregnant and liaise with you through the lead up to the maternity leave starting.

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  • 07.03

    Testimonial – personal touch

    Testimonials | Nannies | About Us

    Recently we heard from a client who is shortly saying farewell to us due to a change in their family circumstances. They wrote this lovely testimonial for us:

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  • 18.02

    Your Questions About Childcare Vouchers

    Childcare vouchers are a salary sacrifice scheme provided by some employers to their employees. When the scheme first started, vouchers were physical pieces of paper. Most vouchers are now in digital format and managed via a dedicated voucher company who provide an online account to which parents have access.

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  • 04.02

    Hot Topics

    Part of the NannyPaye service is to be available to answer any questions you may have on the employment of your nanny.

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