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    Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

21st – 23rd December – 9am-5pm
24th December 9am-1pm
25th December to 3rd January – Closed
4th January onwards Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Please let us know of any amendments to December hours/pay as soon as possible as we will be unable to process amendments over the Christmas closure period.

With Winter weather approaching have you thought about……

School / Nursery Closures

Schools, nurseries and pre-schools will have their own procedure for reporting last minute closures due to winter weather such as snow, ice and flooding.  If it’s part of their role to pick up or drop children your nanny needs to be aware of how they can check that the school is open, such as checking:

  • School website.
  • Listening to a particular local radio station.
  • Mobile phone registered with the school text message service.
  • School Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If you employ an after-school nanny it is important that you communicate with them concerning any school closures and have an arrangement in place for care of your children. Some after school nannies may be available during the day to cover for school closures.  Now is a good time to discuss with your nanny about their availability to cover last minute days and arrange with them with regards to payment for additional working hours.

Snow Pay for Nannies

Your employee is snowed in and can’t to get to work, but they want to know if they still get paid. What do you tell them?

Heavy snow and freezing conditions can bring many parts of the UK to a standstill, prompting a flurry of questions about employers’ obligations to those who are unable to travel to work.  Now is the time let your employees know where they stand.

What this means for you

You are not obliged to pay an employee if they cannot attend work due to adverse weather conditions, unless their contract of employment specifically states that they are entitled to salary under those circumstances.

It is the employee’s responsibility to travel to work, regardless of the severity of weather conditions, unless you, as the employer, contractually provide transport for employees to and from work.

In the event that bad weather prevents your employees from using their normal method of transport, you should first advise them to explore alternative means of safe transport.
If your employees still can’t travel to work and can’t work from home, you can advise them that:

  • Any time off work in these circumstances will be unpaid.
  • They will be paid on a discretionary basis, but only in exceptional cases.
  • They can request to take the time off as paid annual leave, or
  • They can make up the lost time.

The same principles will apply for any staff who are obliged to leave work early due to adverse weather conditions.

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