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Thank you for choosing to engage NannyPaye to support with the employment of your nanny. The below form will allow you to instruct us to assist you with your payroll and also a bespoke pension and contract if requested.

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We will start your registration with us as soon as we receive this form. However, we are unable to open your HMRC Pay As You Earn scheme until payment for our service has been made, we will contact you for payment shortly after receiving your information.

Employers Details

As an employer, you need to offer a pension to your employees.

For an additional fee of £60 per annum, NannyPaye has a simple but comprehensive service designed to take this hassle away from you. This service meets all of your pension obligations to both the Pension Regulator and your employees.

Please complete the details below to confirm whether you wish to use our pension service or just show your chosen options on the payroll.

Pension Service

The most commonly selected options by our current client base are:
• Use NEST as the pension provider
• Do not use a postponement period
• Pay the statutory minimum contribution levels
• Use the qualifying earnings to calculate the pension
• Use the NannyPaye Pension Service to do this for them (£60 per annum)

Bespoke Pension

You must seek independent advice to make this decision, NannyPaye is not FCA registered and cannot advise you on this. The NannyPaye Pension Service is only available in conjunction with NEST pensions.

You have the option to delay the start of your employees pension without any penalties. This will mean that you delay the start of you and your employee's contributions. If you choose to postpone this, your employee can still choose to opt-in during this postponement period and you will then have to make the contributions from that point.

Statutory Minimum amounts are: Up to 31st March 2018 - Employer 1%, Employee 0.8%. 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019 - Employer 2%, Employee 2.4%. 1st April 2019 onwards - Employer 3%, Employee 4%. If you choose Other, then please detail both the employer and employee percentages. These must be at least the statutory minimum as this is the minimum required by law.

If you select 'full earnings' then the pension contributions will be charged on the entire salary. If you select 'qualifying earnings' then the pension contributions will be charged on the salary above the qualifying earnings (currently £489 per month in the 2017/2018 tax year). This option will reduce the contributions made into the pension.

NEST Terms and Bank Details

Please complete the details for your bank account below so that we can input these into your NEST account for you. This is the account that will be debited with the pension contributions.

You can view the terms and conditions here -,PDF.pdf

Employee's Details


Contract of Employment Application - £24.99 option (recommended)
Additional Information

This does not have to be the exact date, but it gives us an indication as to when we need to set-up your HMRC scheme.