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Offering the most comprehensive nanny tax service possible our team of nanny tax payroll professionals manage every aspect of your nanny tax payroll administration. The fee you pay is fixed for the year ahead so no hidden costs or surprises once you have subscribed. See our full service or call us, you will find we answer your call promptly and politely.

Contract of Employment

Contract of Employment

The only company on the market offering a tailored contract of employment drafted by our own in house legal advisor. Charged at £24.99 our contract is a great value one off option helping you make the best start with your new nanny. Not to be confused with inferior 'fill the gaps' style documents, this is your unique document that we produce via consultation and continuous drafting.

Employment Law

Employment Law

NannyPaye provides unlimited telephone employment law advice for all of our payroll clients via a dedicated team of qualified employment lawyers. No charges, catches or caveats our qualified legal team is here to help you when you need them.



The NannyPaye Auto Enrolment pension service is market leading. We have worked with the Pension Regulator and NEST to be able to offer the most comprehensive package possible. We have been running Auto Enrolment pensions since 2014 so you are in safe experienced hands.

Busy? Here’s what you NEED to know:

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What are my responsibilities?

  1. Register with HMRC as an employer
  2. Run a payroll for your nanny, report to HMRC and pay taxes
  3. Provide your nanny with a contract and observe employment law
  4. Provide your nanny with a pension
  5. Check you have Employers Liability Insurance
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Will NannyPaye do all of this for me?

Yes, but we don’t sell you insurance as you are normally covered under your household insurance policy.

We don’t try to sell you things you already have!

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How much does NannyPaye charge?

  1. Monthly payroll = £179.99 per annum
  2. Bespoke contract = £24.99 one off charge*
  3. Pension service = £60.00 per annum
  4. Employment law advice = Included free**

*Written in house by our own legal advisor with unlimited amendments
**NannyPaye legal advice is delivered by qualified and experienced employment lawyers

Payroll Service
  • Set-up with HMRC.
  • Payslip emailed to employee.
  • Payslip emailed to you.
  • RTI filed to HMRC.
  • SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, SL, CCJ's.
  • P60 emailed to employee.
  • P45 posted to employee.
  • Tax bills emailed to you.
  • Free employment law advice.
  • Calls answered within 4 rings.

There is NOTHING that our competitors include that we do not.

Important Information about NannyPaye

  • We're established, reputable and have no hidden fees

    We currently represent many thousands of busy parents across the United Kingdom, with established offices and staff based in Surrey. We have a strong reputation and have featured in broadsheets such as the Financial Times and Guardian. Your nanny tax payroll is in good hands and we have no hidden fees unlike most competitors.

  • Reasonable price for an exceptional service

    NannyPaye is not trying to be the cheapest competitor as that's not what our clients need or want. We offer a comprehensive nanny tax service for £179.99 (monthly payslips) with no extra costs, making us very competitive compared to all but the most minor less established nanny tax providers. This means we will not ask you to pay anything extra to speak to our Employment Lawyers, amend your payroll, run Sick Pay, Maternity Pay or process staff leaving or joining. We have a well trained and established team with multiple inbound phone lines so your calls are answered within a few rings by a real person.

  • Nannyshare specialists

    It can be hard to organise a Nannyshare between families but it's exceptionally hard to set it up correctly on payroll and with HMRC with no risk to any party. In our opinion a Nannyshare is the area that presents the most risk of unfair escalated PAYE bills to our clients. NannyPaye has the staff levels to be able to specialise in taking the time to talk through the situation with you. We will make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of your options thus allowing you to make an educated choice. HMRC are very transient in their opinions on splitting tax codes so we aim to offer you a hybrid approach combining the protection of gross agreements with the convenience of a tax code split if required.

  • More than just a payroll service

    NannyPaye is here to guide you on all matters in relation to employing a Nanny, so think of us as your outsourced HR department rather than just a payroll bureau. Expect to be able to talk to us about many areas of the nanny industry such as salary rates, the role of a Nanny, Nanny Shares and their pros and cons, insurance, childcare vouchers, pensions, budget changes and their implications, dealing with sickness or unreliability, appraisals, discipline and reward, bonuses and incentives and much much more. At NannyPaye we try to employ staff that can relate to our client base so most are busy working parents of young children and many have used a Nanny for childcare.

  • We will not try to sell you things you may already have like Employers' Insurance

    Employers' Liability Insurance is a very important legal requirement to meet the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969. Some payroll bureaus will attempt to sell you this insurance without giving you the correct guidance on other options available to you. NannyPaye recommends firstly checking your current home insurance policy as this will usually provide the legal minimum insurance cover you require. You should familiarise yourself with the requirements of the Act and independently confirm your insurer covers you to fully meet it. Our experience is that most policies cover domestic employers to the levels required by the Act however if they do not we will be happy to guide you to a reasonably priced reputable policy provider.

Cost Calculator for Nanny Employers

These calculations are based on the 2022/2023 tax year using tax code 1257Lx and are relevant for the period from 6th November 2022.

Employee pension contributions will be deducted from the net you input.

Total cost to employer