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We proudly stand as an embodiment of family values.

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Our journey

In an era where big corporations often take centre stage, we at NannyPaye proudly stand as a beacon of family values and personalised service in the business world. As a UK-based company specialising in nanny payroll and employment support services, our story is not just about commerce; it's about a genuine commitment to families and nannies alike.

Our roots

The story of NannyPaye began in May 2001. Founded by Graham Newton, our business emerged from real-life experiences and a desire to offer an essential service to families across the UK. Over the years we have drawn from our firsthand journey of employing nannies and navigating the complexities of payroll and employment regulations. Driven by a deep-rooted dedication to supporting families and domestic workers, we have grown our service offerings along the way.

family values

Our power in business

In a landscape dominated by corporate giants, we proudly stand as an embodiment of family values' enduring power in business. Our journey is a testament to the fact that compassion, dedication, and a personal touch can foster lasting relationships and elevate a simple business venture into a cherished legacy. As Graham and the team continue to nurture and expand NannyPaye, we remain an inspiration for all who believe in the transformational potential of family values in the business realm.

Empathy and a personal connection

What truly sets NannyPaye apart is the genuine empathy and personal connection that are woven into every aspect of our business. As a family-run enterprise, we intimately understand the challenges families and nannies face concerning employment matters. This understanding translates into authentic care for each of our clients – they aren't just names on a spreadsheet; they're individuals with unique stories and needs.

Whether we're guiding families through intricate tax details, helping nannies comprehend their pay breakdown, or simply offering a listening ear, our approach embodies the human side of business. Our clients are an extension of our NannyPaye family, and that sense of connection underpins the trust we build.

Ongoing commitment

Being a family-owned business provides us with a distinctive advantage: an unwavering commitment to our company's values and mission. Our involvement isn't just financial; it's a labour of love. This continuity guarantees that the fundamental principles and high standards that shaped NannyPaye's inception remain intact, even as we continue to grow.

Grahams active participation ensures that decisions are made with a long-term perspective in mind. Unlike corporations swayed by immediate profits, our choices are grounded in the enduring impact they'll have on the families and nannies we serve.

A cohesive NannyPaye family

Our family's influence doesn't solely extend to blood relatives; it encompasses the entire NannyPaye team, transforming us into an extended family of dedicated individuals. Each member of our team shares our values and commitment, creating a tight-knit community that echoes in every interaction with our clients.

Embracing evolution and innovation

Contrary to assumptions that family-owned businesses might resist change, we at NannyPaye embrace innovation and growth. Our commitment to staying abreast of evolving employment regulations and technological advancements empowers us to continuously enhance our services. This adaptability ensures that NannyPaye remains a relevant and dependable resource for families and nannies alike.

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Hey Nannies! This bit is for you. This section is here to guide you through all of the jargon and processes that you may come across and need help with. Nannying is about more that 'just' the unconditional love that you share with your charges.

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Advice for employers

Hiring a nanny isn't all about taxes, it is about leaving your children in the care of a professional. That said, there are some things that you need to consider as an Employer. This section has useful advice and guidance to help you.

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Getting started

When you are starting out on your journey as an Employer, this section will answer all of your basic questions and guide you through what may seem like a scary time. Don't forget NannyPaye takes care of all of this for you.

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General legislation

Here we explain all of the tricky legislation that you may come across as an Employer of a nanny, without all of the confusing jargon that you will find on the Government website. Don't forget at NannyPaye we handle all of this for you.

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