We are delighted to announce a partnership between NannyPaye and Army of Nannies.

What we cover

When you hire a nanny you will immediately have responsibilities to:

  • Your new employee by observing employment law
  • HM Revenue & Customs by registering, calculating, reporting and paying taxes
  • The Pensions Regulator by opening and offering/enrolling your nanny into a pension scheme

And this means doing at least the following:

  • Providing an employment contract
  • Registering with HMRC as an employer
  • Running payroll and reporting to HMRC via the RTI system
  • Opening a pension scheme and assessing your employee’s eligibility
  • Reporting to the Pensions Regulator via a Declaration of Compliance
  • Paying taxes to HMRC every quarter along with Student Loans, AEO’s and other items that may crop up
  • Paying pension contributions to the provider each week or month
  • Navigating employment law (easier than you may think to get in trouble here)

You can, of course, do all of the above yourself. But it’s quite a list – and we already know you’re busy because you’re employing a nanny.

And so for a fee of just £20 per month, NannyPaye can manage all your monthly payroll and pension responsibilities. Hopefully, making it an easy and cost-effective choice to join the rest of their happy clients.

You’re in safe hands

As specialists in this area, we bring to you vast amounts of specific and relevant experience.  We can also advise on nanny shares, net v’s gross agreements, tax-free childcare, pensions, insurance, term time agreements, holiday pay accrual, sick pay, maternity pay, employment contracts and more.