Nanny Payroll

Here at NannyPaye we do not believe in hidden prices. Everything that we do is for a clear fixed cost and we do not reduce your subscription if you change your payroll or charge you for a cover nanny should your nanny be sick or pregnant.

It can be a hard decision choosing who should represent you for your payroll needs as there are several companies offering what on the outset appears to be the same thing. At NannyPaye we gain almost all of our new clients on recommendation which is a fact of which we are incredibly proud. We have worked very hard over the last 18 years to ensure that we give the best possible service to our clients and we always endeavour to go the extra mile wherever possible.

Payroll is like many other things, it can be done, or it can be done properly. When you know and understand payroll the way that we do here at NannyPaye there are many things that we can advise you of that will save you money. If we see ways to save money on your account then we will always use these methods wherever possible. The reason that we are such a successful company, we believe, is because we care and we genuinely enjoy saving you money.

Examples of how we have saved clients money are:

  • NannyShares - When two families share a nanny, by each having a seperate PAYE account and each paying the nanny and the taxes themselves there are thousands of pounds to be saved between the two employers.
  • Net Pay Pensions - If you stay on a net pay agreement when running a pension, by paying it all as Employer Contributions you save on National Insurances.
  • Short Term Nanny - If you employ a short term nanny then you are very likely to save National Insurance if you pay them monthly rather than weekly.

10 Key Service Points

  1. We register you with HMRC making sure they know we are your agent – This means that when they have questions they come to us, not to you.
  2. We send your nanny a payslip in the post every payday using a quality security sealed slip.
  3. We send you a copy of that same payslip via e-mail in advance of the payday.
  4. We calculate holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay, student loans and county court judgements at no extra cost.
  5. We bill you for any taxes (tax, employees National Insurance and employer’s National Insurance) every three months via e-mail.
  6. We send you a reminder just before the tax bill is due to be paid.
  7. We do not charge extra for any telephone employment law advice from our qualified lawyers.
  8. We do not charge for any changes to your payroll and give you credit if you are between nannies.
  9. We do not charge for dealing with any queries from HMRC on your behalf.
  10. Once you stop using us we remain as your agent free of charge to deal with any unexpected issues in the future.

Payroll Service in Detail

  • Employer registration with HM Revenue and Customs with us as correspondence address.
  • Nannyshare support and case specific guidance.
  • Pension Service where we do everything for you for only £60.00 per annum.
  • Free Employment Law advice line.
  • RTI E-Filing of payroll records.
  • Full monthly/weekly/fortnightly/4-weekly payroll calculating all deductions/additions including Income Tax & National Insurance for any pay date you choose.
  • High quality SAGE payslips posted directly to your employee.
  • Electronic duplicate payslips sent instantly to you via e-mail for your own records in addition to a posted paper copy to your employee.
  • Quarterly PAYE and National Insurance bill emailed and posted to you.
  • Reminder email sent to you just before your tax bill is due to be paid.
  • Completion of in year declarations and other essential documents such as forms P60 and P45.
  • Optional contract preparation service.
  • Unlimited employer advice.
  • Record keeping for seven years after you stop employing a nanny as per HMRC standards.
  • Payroll backdating and arrears calculation.
  • Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay calculations at no cost even if you have to employ an additional simultaneous cover nanny. 
  • Complete confidentially.
  • Gross to net or net to gross calculations for pay.
  • Data Protection Registered Ref:518279.
  • Destruction off site of any sensitive information regarding your account.
  • Late tax/penalties appeal service.
  • Pro-Rata refund of any unused standard subscription fees with no costs or catches, provided the client has been with us for a minimum six month subscription period.

Why use NannyPaye though?

This is a question that we are often asked, why should you use us and not one of our competitors.

In this wonderful world of the internet it can be very hard to differentiate between companies who appear to offer similar services. We have devised a list of considerations that should help you choose the right company:

Q: Are they too small or too big an operation to give you the right service?

A: We have a friendly team of twelve making us the perfect size to give you continuity of service combined with a personal touch.

Q: Who are the people behind the website actually running your payroll?

A: Our team is made up of polite, trained payroll professionals all working from secure offices in Surrey. We have recently been quoted in the Financial Times and other broadsheets. You are welcome to pop in anytime.

Q: Are they an established reputable company or just a website?

A: We have been established since 2001 and have represented a good cross section of society including royalty and other prominent public figures.

Q: What is happening to your private data?

A: We have been data protection registered for many years. Your data is safe and all documents are certified destroyed by an external company.

Q: Are they struggling financially as a company? Will they go bust?

A: NannyPaye is one of only two nanny tax companies listed at companies house with a net worth of more than a few thousand pounds. Net worth is a measure of the tangible worth of a business and a low balance may indicate a company running on empty with little in reserve. We are an established and healthy company and we are not going to disappear on you.

Q: Are they charging you extra so that they can pay commission to agencies?

A: We keep our fees low and service high by not paying commission for referrals from third party nanny agencies.

Q: What are their response times? / How many phone lines do they have?

A: We have lots of incoming phone lines, allowing us to normally answer calls within four rings.

Q: Do they have any hidden fees, such as charging you if you alter a payslip or for P60’s?

A: We have no extra hidden fees including if you want to change a payslip that’s already been issued or you want documents like P45’s or P60’s, or even copies of any of these documents.

Q: Do they actually send payslips or do you have to print them yourself?

A: We post quality payslips to your employee and send a courtesy e-mail copy to you.

Q: What happens if you pay for a year but end up only needing a few months?

A: At NannyPaye once you are past the first six months any unused subscription is refunded to you upon request. No catches, no queries just straight back to your account.

Here is a complete list of our charges:

  • Monthly payroll £179.99 per annum
  • Weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly payroll £239.99 per annum
  • Maternity cover nanny payroll NO ADDITIONAL FEE
  • Payroll amendment NO ADDITIONAL FEE
  • Revising historical payroll within the current tax year NO ADDITIONAL FEE
  • Revising historical payroll outside of the current tax year is charged at 1/12th of the annual fee per month
  • Calculating and submitting a revised year end return (EYU) to HMRC (following revision of last years payroll) £30.00
  • Bespoke contract of employment £24.99 per contract
  • Pension service £60.00 per annum